#Quechua is a living language. As of 2013, more than ten million people speak it.

@hablemosquechua seeks to refresh our memory and connect us to the quechua language.

The experiment can be replicated easily. We encourage interested people to read through the documentation



¿What is @hablemosquechua?

The twitter account is controlled by a robot, which -in collaboration with humans- collects and re-connects quechua glossaries, drops ideas, starts dialogues, inserting quechua language into the social networks.

@hablemosquechua was born as an experiment/prototype at @escuelab around middle 2011. a video tells the story.

¿What does @hablemosquechua do?

¿How does it work?





(note: this documentation does vary and is usually best updated in Spanish)

¡@hq software is adaptable to the language/context you want!

Software behind the robot has been thought to be generic and easily reused/replicated. We have thought of different educational platforms based on this system:

An -almost- inmediate instance of @hablemosquechua, could be @hablemosnahuat (an account disseminating the “nahuat” language from Central América. Other uses for the robot might be to control other twitter profiles dedicated to specific communities, such as: @speakitgeek, @technicalspanish and other educational/useful stuff…

¿Other examples?

Two ways to replicate @hablemosquechua:

You can very easily replicate the operation of @hablemosquechua, but using the profile and content that you want.

1) Replicate the @hq robot as a service ¡just aneed a twitter account!

2) Replicate the complete hablemosquehcua robot ¡on your own server!


¿Which Quechua does the platform currently use?

(written in quechua by @sankaypillo early in early 2012, translated into english) > About spelling and vocals (5) used by @hq: @hq opts and asks for understanding on using mainly quechua language form the Cusco-Collao region, and so also for disseminating the unified writing. We know that quechua isn`t spoken nor written the same everywhere, be because government entities or liguists promote one or another way of writing. We respect the persons who contact us and protest when something is not “well written”. We know it is important tu study and recognize the different variants across Perú and Latin América, but for now, we are a team of volunteers that explores the possibilities for our ancient language inside technological contexts. It is in our plans to increment the functionality of the robot to specify variants and special cases that exist across the quechua speaking community in Latin America.

¡We thank for your understanding!

¿what does @hablemosquechua aim to?

In 2011, in less than 6 hours, the first functional version was deployed. During its first 5 hours, the robot had surpassed the 100 first folowers triggered by a single twitt.

¿Can I participate in the @hq team?

Currently @hq is maintained by @sankaypillo, @marianocrowe and @kikomayorga. Nevertheless, the idea is that we can rotate the group of administrators, incorporating other quechua speaking enthusiasts to collaborate with the innitiative. If you speak or write in quechua and you are interested in actively taking part and become a deejay/community manager for @hq for some season, you can become a co-promoter at @hq! To discuss this possibility contact @sankaypillo and let us try out with your new DJ/CM talent in the beginning of 2014.

¿Who takes care of @hablemosquechua?

@hablemosquechua is an experiment inniciated by @sankaypillo, @kikomayorga and @marianocrowe en 2011, at @escuelab under the inspiration of @runasimipi and Amos Batto. @hablemosquechua thanks specially to the support from The Foundation for Arts Inniciatives for the support to the first relatively stable version close to the end of 2013.